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Our Sanctuary
As well as being a delightful venue for a wedding, a wide variety of community organizations have found the church a convenient and hospitable place for meetings, seminars, retreats, and other events. Local musicians and artists have used the sanctuary for recitals and the fellowship hall to display their work.
Capped by a vaulted ceiling, our light-filled carpeted sanctuary is a warm and welcoming space. Individual upholstered chairs accommodate a variety of comfortable seating arrangements, and excellent acoustics enhance the gifts of vocal and instrumental musicians. The rose window that paints the room with patterns of multicolored light by day, is transformed after sundown, revealing it's gold-leaf trim.
The front wall invites creative arrangements of flowers and greenery, and has room for a large projection screen. The elevated platform provides a clear view of the wedding party or speaker.
Apart from the organ and grand piano, all of the furnishings are moveable. There are 72 sanctuary chairs. Seating capacity can be expanded to 100 with the addition of folding chairs. The size and intimacy of our church makes it ideal for smaller weddings, also.
The fellowship room can be arranged for rehearsal dinners, receptions, or as dressing space for the bridal party. Our bell tower offers the option of ringing out to the world the joy of new life commitment.
Sanctuary Art Show
Fellowship Room